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Creasing Matrix

Spring Punch

Ejection Rubbers

Cutting Creasing Rules

Quoins-Punching Key

Jig Saw Blade

Special Rule

Label Rule

Rotary Die Rules & Rubbers

Laser Plywood-Full Birch

Rotary Die Plywood

Die-Making Manual Machine

About Us

Who We Are?

We are proud to be part of the JYOTI group of Companies, a group that tries to make a significant contribution to the critical sector of Power.
Group began as a small-scale operation in 1990 to erect transmission lines, soon expanded, diversified, value-added and emerged as a multifaceted, technology-driven, quality-conscious products, solutions and services with the team of 3000 + employees.

What We Do?

We are committed to providing printing & packaging industries materials, tools and parts.
Rather than delivering a certain predefined system, we're interested in providing solutions that work best for you. We build everything with the flexibility to address the goals and purposes of your organization.
We get to know your business and provide solutions to empower the people who use them all with an eye on delivering better results for your bottom line.


To be the most innovative corporation through technology transformation.


To develop and manufacture globally competitive and innovative high-tech printing and packaging industries products & deliver services.

Our Core Values

SATISFACTION to our customer is the beginning and the end of everything we do.
PEOPLE are our most important asset.
RESULT through teamwork.
INNOVATION is our passion.
CONTINUOUS improvement for Excellence is our enduring aspiration.
SMART winning is our ultimate goal.

Experience The Power To Excellence

The organization that survive longest are the ones that work out what they uniquely can give to the world not just growth or money but their excellence, Excellence is the result of always striving to do better and do more of what you do.

Technology is important and inextricably linked with growth of any business. Often technology investments do not deliver the returns that organization expects.

We believe technology should enable organization to deliver excellence in real time. We focus on delivering actual business value for excellence. Our objective is to give specific as per requirements which bring perfection to do better and do more.

Contact Us (INDIA)

H 28, Ravi Estate,
Near Torrent Power 132kv Sub Station,
Opp. Gurudwara BRTS Stop, Dudheswar Road,
Dudheswar, Ahmedabad-380004. GUJARAT(INDIA)

Tel : +91 8980577222, +91 9727375059

E-Mail : sepl@sprics.com

Contact Us (KENYA)

P.O. Box No. 4431-00506
Nairobi. (KENYA). 

Tel :  +254 786626189, +254 724575059

E-Mail : sales@sprics.com

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