KR 2098

Features & Specification

  • 99 wireless zones without voice prompt.
  • 10 seconds digital re-record.
  • Add meeting doorbell function and intelligent ask for help alarm.
  • Can restore 6 common alarm telephone numbers, 3 old man ask for help.
  • Cracked function, intruding indicate, system password protection, multiple zones mode optional.
  • Multiple inquiry function to confirm the accuracy of restored phone.
  • With intelligent zone to realize no false alarm, alarm events inquiry, phone line cut-off alarm, rob line alarm.
  • Sound and silence is adjustable, arming delay, alarm delay for 0-99 seconds is adjustable when alarming.
  • Phone control the phone ring times remotely, horn sound is open/closed adjustable when remote control operation, you can set away arming, at home part arming optional.
  • Timing arm and disarm function, siren volume is adjustable.
  • Dial to control the panel remotely or phone remote control the panel function after alarming.