KR 6980

Features & Specification

  • Large LCD blue back-light display, voice prompt,volume adjustment,easy to use.
  • Network with large Alarm Center,compatible with Contact ID format.
  • Can check status and call records from panel.
  • Allow up to 99 wireless defense zones and 2 wired zones.
  • Each wireless zones can be defined as one of the 8 zone types including NORMAL, STAY, INTELLIGENT, EMERGENCY, CLOSED, HELP SENIOR, WELCOME and CHIME. Wired zones with 3 connection modes,such as NO alarm ,NC alarm and EOL (End of line) alarm.
  • Four sets of scheduled arm/disarmed function, each time disarmed you can select the included period of time and different defense zone, eliminating of need of the manual procedure, realizing the beauty of automatic controls.
  • Support configuration via phone ( handset ) or SMS messages to System Setup text messaging costs associated with the alarm panel.
  • 6 groups voice alarm phone number for alert calling, 2 groups center alarm number numbers saved inside EEPROM without lost upon power failure.
  • Different zones can dial a pre-set telephone number.
  • Support ISD automatic voice mailbox for playback message upon alert. Maximum length of voice message is 10 seconds.
  • Telephone (phone) long-distance telephone control for arming, disarming, monitoring.
  • Wireless intelligent study coding ,compatible with PT2262 normal encoding and a 1527 encoding ,convenient and flexible for adding or reducing accessories .
  • Unique black box features, you can display most recent 72 disarmed records and 102 recent alarm recording. Accurately shows the alarm time and zones number.