KR M55

Welcome and Burglar Alarm


Key Features :

  • KR-M55 direction recogniation welcome and burglar alarm adopt double passive infrared sensors, combined with CPU fuzzy algorithm.
  • Power saving design and high quality speech processing technology.
  • In-Built 19 Different Sound including, 16 Human Voice Prompt + Alarm Sound + Door Bell + Mute.
  • Detection Range : 4 to 8 meters.
  • Can connect up to 30 Wireless Accessories (Sensors/Detectors/Remote).
  • Wireless Receive Distance : Up to 100 meters in Open Area.
  • Adjustable Volume Including Mute.
  • Working Voltage : 5V DC or 3 AAA battery.
  • Wireless Frequencey : 433 MHz
  • Support Wireless Accessories with EV1527/PT2262 Code.


Welcome Alarm Function :

Recognize direction of Human Movements, and give different voice prompt,
based on direction (In/Out) of movement.


Burglar Alarm Function :

While KR-M55 is arm, and if connected sensors/detectors detect any intruder,
it start alarming.