Medical Imaging & Diagnostic

We offer high performance, advance Digital Ultrasound System to deliver reliable diagnosis with zero error to increase efficiency and effectiveness and enhanced quality of healthcare.

We provide fully digital high performance, advance imaging technology Color Doppler, Ultrasound System to deliver reliable diagnosis. We offer system for Urology, Cardiology, Abdomen, Pediatrics, Musculoskeletal, OB&GYN.

Digital Ultrasound System

Advance fully digital technology with comfort in diagnosis
Excellent Image Quality
Scanning Angle and Multi Level Scanning Depth Adjustment
Multi-frequency Probe
Digital Encoder Knobs
8-Segment TGC Adjustment
Automatic Report Generation
Gama Calibration and Histogram
USB for Real-time Picture Uploading
Inbuilt Keyboard

Color Doppler Ultrasound System

High-precision Fully Digital Image Technology Designed for User Comfort
Excellent image quality with automatic optimization
Complete Imaging Modes
All Standard Imaging Technologies
Automatic Report Generation
Compressive Powerful Software Package
Ergonomic Panel
Large High Resolution Medical Display
Interfaces: USB, RS-232, Network, DVD, XGA, PAL, DICOM