Medical Monitoring

We are dedicated to enhance patient care by providing safe and reliable, intuitive and focused Patient Monitoring for use in a wide range of environments for intensive care and critical care, care in Operating and Emergency Rooms, Sleep, Emergency Medical Services and Transport.

Mobile Monitoring System

Continuous and Consistent monitoring ensures optimum safety for the patient care. We offer a Mobile Monitoring System which can be used anywhere in the entire Clinic, even during Transportation and Outside Service.

Central Applications and Systems

We offer various solutions for centralized real-time monitoring and management for patient. This allows to capture complete patient data via the wire or wireless network. It increase workflow efficiency through central data validation and web-based applications.

Monitoring Network solutions

We offer the implementation of wired and wireless patient monitoring; making it more cost-effective. Universal 24x7 access to all relevant data for Therapy, Documentation and Surgery scheduling can support decision making throughout the entire patient care process.